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Fuego Tempranillo

Medium bodied, dark berries, pleasant tannins. Notes of dark berries, cherries and smokiness.

32 €


Medium tannins, jammy, flavours of dark plums, cherries, and vanilla. Notes of oak.

32 €

Perlage Merlot delle Venezie

Medium body, balanced, fruity, blackberry, peppery. Fruits, berries, sweet.

34 €

Cesari Valpolicella Classico DOC

Ruby red, deep flavour. Fresh, fruity, with notes of wild berries.

39 €

Reserve de Tholomies

Full bodied, balanced, peppery, blueberry, herbal. Spiced with notes of berries.

39 €

Fuego Verdejo

Greenish yellow hue. Fruity, herbal notes.

32 €

Hochheimer Daubhaus Riesling

Pale yellow colour. Fruity, aromatic.

34 €

Perlage Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

Citrus aromas with pear notes. Fruity, hints of peach and flowers.

34 €

Domaine du Cléray Sauvignon Blanc

Dry, acidic, citrus aromas, notes of stinging nettle, spices, mineral after taste. Fresh with notes of grapefruit and flowery aromas.
37 €


Dry, fruity, mildly acidic, balanced. Clear, fragrant, with notes of fruit.
39 €

Klosterneuburg Grüner Veltliner

Dry, fresh, notes of grass, green apples, lime, green pepper. Hints of citrus and apricot.
39 €

Maschio dei Cavalieri Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry

Dry, versatile, fresh and pleasant. Fresh clean flavour with notes of jammed fruit.

39 €