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Looking for a catering service for your event? Well look no further

  • Vaanela gardens green salad
  • Greek Feta Cheese Salad (VL,G)
  • Caesar Salad (L)
  • Tomato, mozarella, and basil (VL,G)
  • Prosciutto and honeydew(L,G)
  • Krouvi style smoked salmon with a lemon yoghurt sauce. (L,G)
  • Roast beef with garlic and thyme(L,G)
  • Krouvi's bread made in a traditional stone oven (L) Matilda style archipelago bread (L)
  • Rocket salad cream cheese spread (L,G)

All options include freshly harvested potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Two mains of your choice

  • Slow cooked pork cheek served with a port wine sauce (L,G)
  • Ovenbaked salmon served with a white wine sauce (L,G)
  • Slow cooked beef brisket served with a red wine sauce (L,G)
  • Kiraka style turkey served with a madeira sauce (L,G) and prosciutto and honeydew(L,G)

Vegetarian options

  • Tofu tournedo served with sweet potato rice and a hollandaise sauce(L,G)
  • Pulled oat "meat"balls served with a Wasabi yogurt suace(L)

Please inform us of the number of vegetarian diners attending your event in advance.


  • home-brewed kvass, a fermented, non-alcoholic drink
  • milk
  • water

Coffee & Tea

Price: 47 € / person
Wedding cake not included in the price.